Top 10 Facts That Web Designers Keep In Mind To Enhance Their Productivity

The web design industry is changing rapidly. This means that designers need to be flexible and adapt to new facts. To remain competitive, designers must keep up with web design trends and educate their clients about them.

Top 10 Facts That Web Designers Keep In Mind To Enhance Their Productivity

Web design will be the most in-demand and attractive field in 2022. Its scope is set to grow by 27% by 2024. UI/UX designers make $100,000 per year. These facts highlight the need for a good Web Design Company with cutting-edge skills. 

However, optimizing a site for conversions and user experience is an entirely different story. Understanding web design basics is critical for navigating this dynamic field. 

From the swift judgments visitors make in the first few seconds of interaction to the importance of responsive design across multiple devices, each factor contributes significantly to a site's success.

Take the time to learn some of these incredible web design facts to help you succeed at website optimization. Each offers insight into small changes you could make to improve your website.

Why does web design matter?

Since we were launched in 2005, our web designers have worked tirelessly to create stunning websites for our clients. Their skills have never been more valuable.

Did you know..?

  • The web design accounts for 94% of first impressions.
  • 75% of users trust a website because of its design.
  • A good UI design can increase your conversion rate by up to 200%.

These web design statistics alone demonstrate how important web design is.

Top 10 facts that web designers keep in mind to enhance their productivity:

web designers keep in mind to enhance their productivity

1.      Only takes 0.5 seconds to form an opinion.

As soon as the homepage loads the average user will be spending 1/2 second on each element of used website (including, but not limited to structure, interface, and content). Consequently, the best way is to create a strong and successful first impression. The inclusion of pictures, atmospheric themes, and content arrangement should all be the same as the academical inclinations of your average client.

2.      Mobile-Friendly Design.

User experience is a key factor in the interface design process. It must be focused mainly on attempts to satisfy user needs. Website developers need to ensure that sites are responsive so that they can open in multiple devices easily and get an enjoyable surfing experience.

3.      47% of users expect websites to load within 2 seconds.

Take into consideration loading speed of your site, maximum 2 seconds time delay. The result will be an interruption that will disturb your website visitors. You do not have to be a specialist in online business to understand that the majority of users would prefer dealing with your competitor rather than waiting for the slow loading of your site.

4.      Company contact info is important for 44% of website visitors

On your website, contact page should have a phone number, email and other details for your information. Only about 44% will stay the course if the title is not clickable. This could possibly be a result of frustration or is it simply a loss of confidence in a web design company that does not include their contact details.

5.      Daily, 2.9 billion Google searches are executed.

Among the hugely many essential things, SEO has to be one of the first to consider when creating content. Perform keyword research in order to find the very words people will use when searching in your field of keen interest. the colossal volume of daily searches means that traffic projections are colossal. Nevertheless, it is worth keeping in mind that search engine optimization agenda can be detrimental to the informational content quality.

color theme improves website recognition

6.      The color theme improves website recognition by 80%

If you want it to be consistent and suggestive for visitors, it's a cool idea to stay with one color scheme and do not vary from it in order to make it easy recognizable for returning visitors. Recognition amongst competitors is one element of self-branding. Creating a bold color scheme is part of your brand.

Color tone invariable stirs up emotions and manipulates us into the way of perception. Color psychology is one of the tricks that web designers apply to make visuals and the background coherent and in harmony with the brand and the visitor’s feelings.

7.      Mobile visitors usually wait 6-10 seconds before discarding a site.

In a study by Kissmetrics, 73% of the mobile user’s say they have left a webpage loading which takes more than 4 seconds to load. Thirty out of one hundred people hang up on a website at 6-10 seconds after they start loading, they use their smartphones, or tablets, while only sixteen percent say no to an eight-seconds site.

Per the survey, one tenth of mobile users intends to have websites loaded in the speed, which they have for desktop browsers or even faster.

8.      Google Prefers Responsive Websites

The site which has a responsive design has a better chance to show on top of the list in Google and other search engines compared to other sites with unresponsive design. Last year was the time when Google engineers decided how the whole ranking algorithm will be looking like and the significant part is that now mobile-friendliness is more than just having a site that looks nice on mobile devices. These days, more and more websites have become sensitive to the device in use, offering optimized versions for mobile for use.

Mobile devices are currently the most utilized means of accessing the internet, with individuals accustomed to responsive websites with intuitive navigation and simple browsing both on desktops and mobile devices. Having good UX is considered to be one of the main points of its search engine ranking algorithms.

9.      Loading speed impact

Users tend to hang on one site for three seconds to load. Slow sites load speeds might lead to higher numbers of abandonment in the webpages. Web designers improving page loading speed tackle with various optimization methods in terms of images, code and server performance.

10.  Over 50% of Internet searches Turn Up On Mobile Devices

According to a report by Search Engine Land, more than half of all searches are done from mobile devices, which means that alone this trend addresses the needs of more than half of one’s potential users.
It does not come as a surprise that 50 percent or more of the people are on the Internet via smartphones or tablets. Connectivity is happening everywhere, and people’s smartphones are their favorite devices to get connected. Which further fuels the low burden on smartphone and tablet prices compared to the desktop prices.


Developing web pages is an extensive vocation with more than enough spread job possibilities. Develop your own set of skills and also get knowledge of the popular hands-on things. You should devote approximately 80% of your free time to producing pieces and doing exercises while spending only 20% on acquiring new knowledge.

She is not naive, she is just human too, at the end of the day, it doesn’t always come down to what is right or wrong as long as you have the numbers, figures and facts, it will be harder for people to get away from it or question it. Not only does this list help you save time while putting together a website refresh, but it also helps you point out some key points you might have overlooked. It can act as a cost-cut framework that becomes conversion more secure and user-friendlier.

SoftCircle is a web design company providing web design services in the Denver Metro area.  Many businesses give their growth to SoftCircle for implementing and carrying out growth-driven design websites. We have seen our ten points, and they prove that the digital space transforms fast and gaining online trust is not so simple but losing it is. Make sure your website is of a professional standing, being on the same level with the rest of the company. From time to time, listen attentively to a classmate's opinions and take note of their suggestions. Show them that you have heard and valued their ideas by giving them some form of feedback or input.

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