Puro Sound Labs BT5200 Bluetooth wireless headphones review

 Being the successor in a way to the Puro Sound Labs kids Bluetooth wireless BT2200 headphones, the Puro Sound Labs BT5200 Bluetooth wireless headphones are hoping to become just as popular and successful as the BT2200 headphones were, possibly even greater. The BT5200 Bluetooth wireless headphones are Bluetooth headphones that provide a high-quality and premium audio experience. Also, they help to prevent hearing loss thanks to their Healthy Ears Hearing Protection technology.

Design & Functionality:

The Bluetooth headphones are lightweight and portable. They fit comfortably on your head and do not feel very bulky nor heavy. They are made of aluminum with some portions of it consisting of soft, cushion material for added comfortability. The color design of the Bluetooth headphones is of a matte black and shiny silver accented design. The overall look and feel is of a sleek and premium design. On the left ear cup, there is a Bluetooth button, an on/off switch, volume up and down buttons, a 3.5mm audio jack, a micro USB charging port, and a built-in microphone. Some of the buttons have multiple functions assigned to them that are activated by the different means of pushing them. For example, the Bluetooth button, while it may be used to activate the Bluetooth functionality, it can also be used to answer, end and reject a call by simply pushing and holding the button down for a few seconds. The ear cups can be rotated 90 degrees so that they can be rested upon your upper chest comfortably when not in use. Having the soft, cushion material on the ear cups and on the headband, allows you to wear the Bluetooth headphones for prolong periods of time without feeling any sort of discomfort. Plus, the soft, cushion material on the ear cups allows the Bluetooth headphones to block background noise to a great extent. The headband can be adjusted easily so that the Bluetooth headphones will fit snugly on your head without it feeling tight or loose when worn.

The Bluetooth headphones, internally, consists of 40 mm custom dynamic drivers. The Bluetooth headphones have been integrated with the Healthy Ears Hearing Protection which means that they monitor and indicate to the user when the volume level exceeds the safe volume limit of 85 dB as volume levels over 85 dB can cause hearing loss over time. This is monitored and indicated to the user through the LED that is on the left ear cup of the Bluetooth headphones. For example, when the volume level is between 0 dB and 85 dB, the LED will flash the color green, indicating that this volume level is safe to listen to for up to about 8 hours per day. When the volume level is between 85 dB and 95 dB, the LED will flash the color yellow, indicating that this volume level is appropriate to listen to for up to about 2 hours maximum per day. Last, when the volume level is 95 dB or above, the LED will flash the color red, indicating that listening to music within this volume level range should not exceed 15 minutes in a 24 hour period.


The Bluetooth headphones were able to deliver clear, crisp, and loud audio. The Bluetooth headphones did a great job in blocking out background noise. They can attenuate 82% of background noise at 1 kHz. This means that you can hear the audio clearly during times when the background noise might seem overwhelming. Establishing a Bluetooth connection between the Bluetooth headphones and a device was effortless. The process is not tedious nor complicated. The Bluetooth connection was strong and stable since there were no issues with maintaining the connection over time. In other words, the Bluetooth connection did not disconnect nor did the audio cut off or become distorted. The volume monitoring and interactive reporting system functioned excellently. The system proficiently indicated when the volume was within a particular volume level range by lighting up the appropriate color on the LED for that volume level range. The transition from one color to another when a certain volume level range was surpassed or below the current one was a bit delayed. There seems to be some latency in the monitoring and indication of what volume level range the audio is being played in after a change in volume level range occurs since it takes a few seconds to register the change and indicate the appropriate change in color. However, it does not tremendously hinder the overall experience of utilizing the Bluetooth headphones as I mentioned, it is only a few seconds. The battery life of the Bluetooth headphones is fantastic. It can last up to about 18 hours on a full charge and about 200 hours on standby. This is convenient since you do not have to recharge the Bluetooth headphones very often daily. Last, the buttons on the left ear cup were responsive as each one initiated their assigned functions efficiently since there is no latency during the pushing of the buttons and the activation of the assigned functions.


The Puro Sound Labs BT5200 Bluetooth wireless headphones are exceptional Bluetooth headphones. They are lightweight and sport a premium and stylish design. The Bluetooth headphones are able to deliver high quality audio and block background noise to a considerable extent. The volume monitoring and interactive reporting system is a very beneficial feature as this helps prevent users from potentially damaging their ears over time due to unsafe volume levels. It does this through means of portraying certain colors on an integrated LED that is on the left ear cup. Bluetooth connectivity is strong and stable to where no connectivity issues will arise during usage. Also, setting up the Bluetooth connection is a smooth and simple process. The long battery life allows the user to listen to their favorite music for hours upon hours without having to worry about the Bluetooth headphones running out of juice quickly and having to recharge them often. So, these Bluetooth headphones are perfect for those who are seeking Bluetooth headphones that are premium and stylish in design, can deliver terrific audio quality, can block out background noise immensely, is easy to setup and utilize, and can monitor and indicate volume levels to help prevent hearing loss over time.

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