How Duplicate Photo Finders Transformed Photo Management

Duplicate Photo Finders are one of the most important piece software nowadays. Duplicate image finder programs help the users to clean up the duplicate photos from the device and organize the photos library.

How Duplicate Photo Finders Transformed Photo Management

These duplicate photos remover programs will help you to manage your pictures better. These programs will transform your photos library and will help them to manage the library.


Photo Management:

Photo management takes lots of time and effort. Before the photos finder program, we need to manually remove the duplicate images and then manage the library. We also have to create a system that will help us to find images better and manage them better.

Managing photos can also be achieved using photos organizer tools available on the internet. These tools will scan all the images located on your computer and will organize them at the location you have selected. You can organize the photos according to your needs using photo organizing tools.


Sorting if the images:

Duplicate photo finder programs will remove the exact duplicates and similar pictures from your device. This process will help you to manage your photo library easily. You can use duplicate photo finder programs for sorting the images. Sorting of the images will be easy if all the duplicate images are removed from your device.

Create hierarchy:

For managing the images, we need to have hierarchy on our devices. All the images should be according to the time when it was taken or the place it was taken. There are also other methods of creating hierarchy. Creating a hierarchy will help you to find them easily. Also, it will make the image library more manageable.

Before creating a hierarchy, every user should use a duplicatephotos finder program. Once the duplicates are deleted and images are sorted, then you can easily manage the library.


For managing photos library users need to sort the images. Images can be sorted by different ways and you choose any of your systems and then sort the pictures. Duplicate finder programs will help you to move the duplicates at your desired location. Also, you can remove the duplicates so that images can be sorted easily.

Store the images to cloud:

Cloud storage keeps good track of the images being uploaded. The images that are uploaded on the cloud storages are sorted automatically. Also, some of the cloud storages will automatically remove exact duplicates.

If you want to remove similar pictures also you can use a duplicate photo finder program. You can easily remove similar looking pictures from your device. Also, you can change the similarity level of the images so that you can remove similar pictures according to your needs.

Store images on the external drive: 

External drives provide one of the best ways of sorting and storing the images. We can store all our images on the external drive thus clearing space on your computer. Once all the images are on the external drive then we can also remove the duplicates so that the duplicates won't take space.

Using a duplicate finder program, we can also move the duplicates to your external drive so that only one copy of the images remains on the external drive.

What do you get from a good photo management:

Good photos management will transform your photo library and below you will find reasons to manage your photo library.


  1. Easy access to the pictures: Once you have managed the library then you will be able to find your pictures easily.
  2. Easy Backup: backing up of the pictures will be easy as you have already managed the photos library and removed all the duplicates from it.
  3. Soring of the Albums: By removing the duplicates all our albums will be sorted and we will be able to locate our picture easily.

Removal of the duplicate pictures using Duplicate Photos Fixer:

Duplicate Photos Fixer is one of the best duplicate finder programs that will transform your photos library and make it better. Duplicate Photos Fixer will help you to find and remove duplicates easily. Once the duplicates are cleared using Duplicate Photos Fixer then you can easily manage your photos library.

Features of Duplicate Photos Fixer:

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro comes with lots of features that will make the task of finding and removing duplicates very easy and efficient. Let's look at the features of this program below

Matching Criteria:

These are two types of matching criteria in the program:

        Exact Match Criteria:

This selection should be selected while searching for identical duplicates. This criteria while selected will help the users to search for identical images.

        Similar Match Criteria:

If you want to look for similar-looking pictures then this setting will be chosen.


In similar matching criteria, users can select matching levels according to their needs. Similarity level between the images to be searched can be changed using a matching level slider. You can change the slide r between low to high.

These are other settings available in the Similar Matching Criteria like Bitmap size, Time Interval and GPS. These settings will make sure that you are searching for the correct similar images.

Additionally, using this program you can search for Rotated and Flipped images.

Moving duplicates:

You can move the duplicates according to your desired location. This setting can be used so that you can review the images later or store the images directly to your desired location.

Include and exclude subfolder from scanning:

You can make the program to scan for duplicates in the subfolder of the parent folder being scanned also.

File Formats:

Almost all the image file formats can be searched using this program.

Add Photos or Folders:

If you want to scan for some of the images you can only add the images to the scan list. And if you want to scan the whole drive or the folders then you can add them to the scan list.

Folder Exclusion:

You can exclude the folders for scanning.

Protected folder:

You can protect the folders so that when using auto mark the images in the protected folders list will not be marked for deletion.

Below we will show you how you can find and remove duplicate photos using Duplicate Photos Fixer.

First, you have to download and install Duplicate Photos Fixer from the link below:

Once the program is installed you can start scanning the location from which you want to remove the duplicates.

duplicate photo fixer pro

Once the duplicates are found you can easily remove them.

Note: By default the deleted duplicate photos will be moved to the Recycle Bin.

This program has auto-marked features that will help you to auto mark all the duplicates and then you can either delete them or you can send the duplicates to your desired location.


Duplicate finder programs have helped manage photo libraries. Duplicate photos remover programs will remove the duplicates and then you can manage your photos. There are different duplicate remover programs available on the internet, however, you can use Duplicate Photos Fixer. Duplicate Photos Fixer is a great photo remover program that will help you to scan and remove identical and similar looking pictures. You can also move the duplicates to the location you desire.

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