How To Fix Phone Battery That Is Draining Fast?

If your phone battery is draining quickly, start by adjusting settings to optimize power consumption. Lower screen brightness, disable unnecessary features like location services and limit background apps. Ensure your device and apps are up-to-date, as updates may include power efficiency improvements. Investigate battery usage in settings to identify and address any power-hungry apps.

If the problem persists, seek professional assistance. A technician specializing in cell phone repair can diagnose potential hardware issues or provide further guidance on improving battery performance. Regularly monitoring and managing your phone's power consumption can help maintain longer battery life over time.

Ways To Fix Fast Battery Draining Issue On Your Phone

Combatting rapid battery drainage on your phone? Discover practical solutions with these tried-and-tested ways to fix fast battery-draining issues and keep your device running optimally.

Check Battery Usage in Settings

Finding the programs or processes using the most power is the first step in fixing battery drain problems. Checking battery life is a built-in feature of modern cell phones. It can help you identify the apps that are using up your battery life and degrading efficiency.

For iPhone:

- Open "Settings."

- Scroll down and select "Battery."

- Review the "Battery Usage" section for a breakdown of app consumption.

  For Android:

- Navigate to "Settings."

- Choose "Battery" or "Battery Usage," depending on your device.

- Examine the list to see app-specific battery consumption details.

Optimize Screen Brightness

The next step in repairing mobile phone battery drain issues is identifying the apps or processes that consume the most power. Modern smartphones provide a built-in feature to check battery usage. It will give you insights into what applications are draining your battery and affecting its performance.

For iPhone:

- Access "Settings."

- Tap on "Display & Brightness."

- Adjust the brightness slider to your preferred level.

For Android:

- Open "Settings."

- Select "Display" or "Display & Brightness."

- Use the brightness slider to optimize your screen brightness.

Manage App Background Processes

When you're not actively using an app, a lot of them keep operating in the background. The battery life can be drained by these background operations. 

For iPhone:

- Go to "Settings."

- Scroll down and tap "General."

- Select "Background App Refresh."

- Toggle off for specific apps or turn off altogether.

For Android:

- Navigate to "Settings."

- Choose "Apps" or "Application Manager."

- Select the app you want to manage.

- Tap "Battery" and adjust background process settings.

If it's not needed, turn off the background app option.

Identify Power-Hungry Apps

Some programs use a lot more power than others, which can have a significant effect on battery life. Multimedia, gaming, and social networking apps are frequently to blame. Try reducing usage or looking for a substitute, less demanding program to save battery life and your visit to a nearby mobile phone repair shop.

Update Apps and Operating System

Updates for the operating system and apps frequently offer improvements for improved battery life. You can be sure you get the newest enhancements, bug fixes, and battery-saving features by keeping your OS and apps updated.

Turn off Unnecessary Connectivity Features

While not in use, features like Bluetooth, GPS, and NFC drain energy. To extend your phone's battery life, turn off these connection options when not in use.

For iPhone:

- Open "Settings."

- Choose "Bluetooth" or "Wi-Fi."

- Toggle off when not in use.

For Android:

- Navigate to "Settings."

- Select "Connections" or "Network & Internet."

- Turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or other connectivity features not in use.

Disable Location Services

GPS is used by location services, which can significantly deplete your battery. Apps that don't need location services can have their location accessed just while you're using them, or you can disable location services altogether.

For iPhone:

- Open "Settings."

- Scroll down and tap "Privacy."

- Select "Location Services."

- Toggle off the switch at the top.

For Android:

- Navigate to "Settings."

- Choose "Location" or "Security & location."

- Turn off the location switch.

Use Wi-Fi Instead of Cellular Data

Connect to Wi-Fi networks whenever you can rather than on cellular data exclusively. Utilizing Wi-Fi is an energy-efficient choice since it uses less electricity.

Clear Cache and Data

Apps gather cache and data over time, which can reduce their effectiveness and increase battery consumption. So, mobile phone repair experts suggest clearing the cache and data for any apps that frequently operate badly or consume too much power.

For iPhone:

- App-specific: Go to "Settings," select "General," and then "iPhone Storage." Choose the app and tap "Delete App."

- Safari: Open "Settings," scroll down to "Safari," and select "Clear History and Website Data."

For Android:

- App-specific: Go to "Settings," choose "Apps" or "Application Manager," select the app, and tap "Clear Cache" or "Clear Data."

- System-wide: Navigate to "Settings," select "Storage," and choose "Cached data" to clear the cache for all apps.

Reduce Push Notifications

Regularly receiving push notifications can cause your phone to wake up frequently and drain its battery. Reduce the number of pointless push alerts or make them less invasive.

For iPhone:

- Open "Settings."

- Scroll down and tap "Notifications."

- Select the app.

- Toggle off "Allow Notifications" or customize notification settings.

For Android:

- Navigate to "Settings."

- Choose "Apps" or "Notifications."

- Select the app.

- Adjust notification settings or turn off notifications.

Enable Battery Saver Mode

The majority of smartphones are equipped with an energy-saving mode that lowers performance and background functions to increase battery life. Turn on this option to save energy during emergencies or when your battery is getting low.

For iPhone:

- Open "Settings."

- Go to "Battery."

- Toggle on "Low Power Mode."

For Android:

- Navigate to "Settings."

- Select "Battery" or "Battery Saver."

- Toggle on "Battery Saver" mode.

Close Unused Apps

Develop the practice of ending background-running programs, mainly if you won't use them for a while. This stops the use of needless power.

Consider a Battery Replacement

It can be time for a battery replacement if your phone's battery life is still poor after attempting all of the fixes mentioned above. The performance of batteries can be significantly enhanced by replacing them as they lose capacity with time. 

Is Your Phone Battery Draining Still? Call Us!

You can contact our staff at  Wireless Waves Repair, the best mobile phone repair shop. None of these methods prevents your phone's battery from dying soon or if a replacement is necessary. They will be pleased to address any inquiries concerning your gadgets.


In conclusion, addressing a fast-draining phone battery involves combining practical steps. Regularly checking and managing battery usage in settings, optimizing screen brightness, and disabling unnecessary features can significantly improve efficiency. Clearing cache, controlling push notifications, and utilizing battery-saver modes contribute to prolonged battery life. 


When faced with persistent issues, seeking professional assistance or considering battery replacement may be necessary. By implementing these straightforward tips, users can ensure their phones operate optimally and enjoy longer-lasting battery performance.


How do you fix a drained phone battery?

After inserting the phone into the appropriate charger, give it a 48-hour charge. Turn the phone on and check the battery level once it has been charged for 48 hours. Your dead battery has been rejuvenated and is now capable of holding a charge.

Can I repair my phone myself?

Even though cell phones are getting more complicated every year, it's rather simple to repair some frequent issues. You can find out whatever tools you need and step-by-step instructions for fixing any type of phone by browsing online at sites like iFixit.

Is it good to repair the mobile phone screen?

One excellent method to make your phone survive longer is to replace a broken screen or a dead battery. If the price is reasonable, you can get an extra year or two of usage out of the gadget, and it comes with decent functionality.

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