Essential Traits to Look For in a Magento Developer

The growth of eCommerce is comprehensive and not just limited to certain industries or demographics. It is happening across the board and impacting businesses of diverse sizes.  But how can a business leverage the power of eCommerce? Which is the right CMS?

Essential Traits to Look For in a Magento Developer

Magento, among various CMS, is one of the most utilized eCommerce development platforms with over 1 lakh live websites. This is because of the development architecture, fluidity, and high-end scalability that this CMS offers. One can develop a high-tech online store using the power of this platform.

The development process is complex, and it becomes crucial to hire Magento developers for your project. They can help you develop a flawless online store equipped with all the essential features.   But, because of the available competition, how can you hire the right developer for your project? To ensure you have hired the right team, you have to consider some essential factors that play a major role in hiring a skilled expert for your project.

Look Upon Your Need for Hiring Magento Developer

You have to consider firstly the needs for which you are looking to hire developers from the Magento eCommerce development company. It is not a wise decision to hire experts before exactly determining what your website development needs are. You have to consider:

1.     Clarify Your Needs

The first thing to do is to evaluate your needs and make decisions accordingly. You have to be fully aware of the requirements of your business. Having a clear idea of your project can help you find the right service provider to ensure that the one you hire will align with your business needs. This can be easily done when you analyze the needs of your project.  You can do this by ascertaining:

        The scope of your project

        Deadline of your project

        Your budget

        Target audience

        Desired outcome

        Types of features and functionalities you want

        Technology Required

Once you have clearly understood your requirements, you can start to evaluate various developers and the offerings they are providing.

2.     Front-end or Backend Development

You have to ensure that the developer you are looking to work with should work on the front end or back end. You can hire a front-end developer if you want a highly appealing website that exactly represents your business with professionalism. Back-end developers can help you develop a strong database, manage servers, and establish the high-end performance of your online store.

3.     Company or a Developer

The requirements of your project determine whether you want to hire a developer or a company. Sometimes, hiring an expert is not sufficient because of the demand for a project. This is because either your company is vast or has a huge database. Here, hiring a company specialized in Magento development can help you make and manage your online store.

4.     Freelancer or Dedicated Magento Developer

It’s challenging to choose between a freelancer and a dedicated Magento developer because both of them have their pros and cons. This states that while hiring, you should properly understand both approaches. You should consider all the aspects that play a vital role, such as their skills, expertise, dedication, customer reviews, and your project requirements, before making your decision.

However, good Magento developers are limited, and you have to research them and look for the essential factors that will assist you in making an informed decision.

What to Look for While Hiring a Magento Developer?

There is no doubt that Magento is a complex platform and requires expertise to create a working online store. The majority of developers are skilled in its development, but not all of them are the right choice for your business. Hence, it is of vital importance to select the right Magento developer for your project from the horde. You should evaluate not just the technical but also their non-technical skills.

a.     Technical Skills

What separates a top-level developer from the others? It’s their ability to create enterprise-based projects by solving complex problems.

1.      Experience

The first thing to consider is the experience of a Magento developer. You have to consider hiring a developer who has lots of working experience on Magento. The expert who is experienced can understand all the nuances of Magento and can help you develop a robust yet secure online store.

2.      Expertise

Experience is not the only factor that can help you select the right developer for your project. An expert should be technically sound and must understand all the features of the platform. They should be capable of tailoring their development skills to the requirements of the project. If you are unable to assess the skills of a developer, make sure you go through their portfolio.

3.      Familiarity With Magento Versions

Considering a developer’s familiarity with Magento is one of the essential points to look after. What does this mean?  This states that the developer is able to build and maintain an eCommerce website that is fast and scalable.  A developer that is familiar with the latest versions of the Magento should be able to:

        Identify and fix vulnerabilities

        Implement new features and functionalities

        Improve the performance of your online store

        Ensure that the eCommerce website is compatible with browsers and diverse devices

You have to consider this factor to ensure a Magento developer can build updated websites seamlessly.

4.      Reviews and Ratings

These are some of the essential factors that can help you gain valuable information about the Magento developers. Going through several reviews is essential for assessing their work quality. You can check the reviews and ratings of them either on Google or on B2B review platforms like Clutch, GoodFirms, and so on. This will not only help you identify the credibility of the developers but also their overall working experience. 

It is vital for you to assess the types of reviews positive, negative, and overly positive reviews. Look for a variety of feedback from the clients on their work. A developer with positive client feedback showcases its reliability, professionalism, and ability to deliver high-quality work.

b.     Non-Technical Skills

Besides technical skills, what separates the best developers from the average ones is their soft skills. The right developers should have excellent soft skills and can work, enabling them to solve problems. Hence, focusing on the soft skills of developers can help you hire the right expert for your project

1.      Communication Skills

Communication is one of the critical soft skills that goes beyond writing clear code. This includes their ability to convey complex technical concepts in a clear and understandable manner. Here are key aspects you can check:

        A developer can precisely convey the ideas both in written documentation and verbally.

        Actively listening to colleagues, stakeholders, or team members is crucial for understanding requirements and expectations accurately.

2.      Time Management

Web developers often face tight schedules at work. To get a better understanding of how effectively they manage their time, you can check out their portfolio or assess client reviews. A good developer can manage their time appropriately by prioritizing the tasks and completing them within the given deadline.

3.  Problem-Solving Skills

A developer should have excellent problem-solving skills. This ensures that he/she can face any complex problem and come up with a solution more promptly. The one who is skilled can identify and solve problems quickly and more efficiently. However, you can look after these things to assess the skill of a developer:

       Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking is a must-have skill for developers in order to find the possible solution to a problem. One can break the problem into small and more manageable steps to ensure he/she can come up with creative solutions.

        Analytical Skills

You have to identify the analytical skills of the Magento expert. A developer who can analyze the information and find essential patterns to solve problems is the right fit for your project. But do not just consider this as a predominant factor; look for other essential factors that play a vital role in hiring the right expert for your project.

4.      Ability to Work With a Team

A developer should have the ability to work with the team. This includes him being able to:

        Clearly communicate the ideas, problems, and shortcomings

        Can collaborate to develop and implement solutions

        Resolve conflicts and disagreements in a constructive manner

        Build and maintain relationships with team members

One who is able to work well with the team is more likely to be hired and successful. The developer can deliver high-quality Magento-based websites on time and under budget and is more likely to be satisfied with the team's work. This is not always the case that a developer can stand alone.


This blog has entailed all the essential factors that one has to look after before hiring a Magento developer. From clarifying your needs to checking on the technical and non-technical skills, every mentioned factor brings greater importance.

If you ascertain all the factors, you can hire Magento developers with the right skills and experience. The right team of experts can help you develop an online store that not only meets the requirements of your business but can also bring fruitful outcomes of revenue, sales, and customer experience. 

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