What to Look in a Digital Marketing Company Before Hiring?

Approaching a digital marketing company has several reasons behind. It can be associated with online promotion, branding, expanding reach, gaining visibility, and a lot more things. For businesses in the present scenario, digital marketing has become a must and entrepreneurs are consistently relying on it for generating leads and sales.   If you consider global digital ad spent in 2021, it was $389 billion, which was a 17.6% YoY growth according to eMarketer.

What to Look in a Digital Marketing Company Before Hiring?

Likewise, videos are surfacing to the top of searches because nearly 87% of digital marketers shared a positive ROI for video content (Source: Wyzowl). Even, Google holds a 92.05% market share in the global search engine market. (Source: StatCounter)

Since voice searches are also associated, Juniper Research states that there is going to be 8.4 billion voice assistants in use. This is also making a massive difference to search behaviour.

I hope these all facts and figures are enough to understand how crucial it is to get support of digital marketing companies. 

If you’re concerned about how to choose the best one, here are a few points to make it easy for you:


Discover Where it Stands in the Market (Check Reputation)

For evaluating company’s reputation, you can check its online and offline presence. Online presence can be examined through the website reputation, comments, reviews, testimonials, Google ratings, and case studies, and business profiles on Google, Yelp, or industry-specific forums. Just going through them is not sufficient. You need to check a flow of consistent positive feedback and comments. If the count of successful outcomes is high and seem transparent & genuine, you can trust it. 

Discovering offline reputation can be simple if you find a number of word-of-mouth referrals and recommendations from industry peers or partners, and if they all come from reputable organizations. 


Pricing Model

Discovering the company’s pricing model is the most challenging task. But, it’s crucial to check it. You can examine it by considering many key aspects that ensure transparency, value, and offerings matching with your business vision or goals.

For pricing, you can check the packages of the preferred digital marketing company, pick the best fit package that align with your business goals, and go through its hourly rates. There would be associated details on the services. You can check their overviews and assess if that pricing models suit your needs.

Here, one thing should be preferred that the package should offer a scope to scale (as per scaling needs). It means that the flexibility in the pricing should be there.

Furthermore, you can discover many options as the internet is flooded with the names of the best digital marketing or SEO agency. This will help you to pick up a few more companies to compare their pricing with. Also, look into the fact that those reputed companies are also offering similar services.  This comparison will guide you to discover if its pricing is competitive.

Here, take into account that the least pricing can lead to the wastage of money, as the quality of service may not be as per expectation. Therefore, you must assess the overall value and potential ROI.

Hidden or additional costs can also be a big issue that can trouble you. So, ensure that the digital marketing packages (SEO packages, social media packages, and ad campaign packages) include all expenses and there should not be any unexpected cost down the line. Remember, a trustworthy company caters crystal clear packages.

Finally, making informed decisions will be way easier.


How Many Years of Experience It Has

When it comes to discovering how many years of experience an online marketing company has, reach out to its roots in the industry. Here, roots refer to the time it has spent operating and enhancing its presence in the digital landscape.  

The marketing entity with a substantial track record clearly illustrates how proficient it is across SEO, SEM, Google Adwords, Reporting, etc.  This track record cannot be made overnight. Years of experience and a pool of knowledge about Google or online marketing trends, technologies, and proven online marketing strategies bring it on. These all elements help it to sustain its place in the market and tailor effective marketing campaigns that resonate with customers’ specific goals.

Additionally, there will be a ton of reviews, a score of successful case studies, testimonials, etc. that enable you to draw insights into its capabilities.

Always remember, experience is not just gaining years of hands-on experience in businesses, but it’s about the story of survival, learning lessons from failures, overcoming challenges, and keeping evolution in continuity.


Services Offered

However, it’s already aforesaid that you should measure such marketing services that align with your business objective. You must know a range of comprehensive services that the shortlisted company offers. It’s crucial to check if it covers all essential aspects of digital marketing. These can be search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media management, content creation, email marketing, web design, analytics, and reporting.

Take into account that an expert online marketer comes up with a well-rounded series of these services. It indicates how capable it is in implementing a cohesive online strategy that is tailor-made to maximize a brand’s visibility, engagement, and conversions online. These are all must-haves. Besides, you can ask if it offers any specialized services. For instance, influencer marketing is in trend. Moreover, video, eCommerce optimization, and mobile marketing can also be in its packages to serve specific needs.


In the nutshell, it should have diversity in its portfolio. If it’s there, you can easily analyze how able it is to address diverse unique branding and lead generation requirements.


Discover How It Does Branding

Digital marketing companies follow unique strategies. This is simply because business are different in size, budgeting, and niches. So, it is significant to come across their portfolio, cases resolved, and client testimonials.

Now that you have these all online, look for consistency in its visual publishing, messaging, and frequency across various campaigns or platforms (like social media or search engines). This will show how dedicated and expert it is in running online campaigns.

To analyze if its branding strategy works or not, you can ask about its approach that it follows for branding. Once shared, understand if its approach resonates with your target audience, its behaviour, and industry trends. If all seems working, go ahead and inquire about its approach to creating branding, such how frequently it analyzes its marketing strategies, prepares reports, uses brand identities, and monitors results to change campaign strategies if it is required.

Also, come across its content strategy, as if it creates customer persona, discover demographics, and more for producing engaging and relevant content that resonates with the audience. If it’s into social media management and influencer partnerships, it indicates that the company puts strong efforts for branding.

Additionally, you should check if it emphasizes brand guidelines. This ensures brand integrity in all campaigns. The success mantra of a competent branding strategy lies in its approach. It should not only boost visibility, but also create a unique and memorable perception of your brand in the digital landscape.


What Its Process is To Monitor Growth Rate

Without a proper monitor, it’s challenging to determine the success rate of any campaign. It also tells where you stand in achieving your marketing goals or objectives. So, monitoring the growth rate is important.

Now comes the question – how to know its monitoring methods. Certainly, you need to ask about their analytics and reporting practices. Discover if they are understandable. However, it’s like chewing bullets to understand technical analytical terms. So, discuss for defining comprehensibility in reports. These insightful reports talk about KPIs or Key Performance Indicators. Identify how frequently it tracks, what’s its frequency of analysis, and which tools (like SEMrush or Ahrefs) it uses.

Always consider the point that a strong digital marketer employs data-driven strategies and also, it assesses metrics like website traffic, conversion rates, click-through rates (CTR), engagement, and return on investment (ROI). Many of these companies leverage advanced analytics platforms such as Google Analytics, social media insights, and marketing automation tools. A dedicated one may go for a paid tool for deeper analytics.

Also, sit with its team to understand the report and how it makes informed changes or adjustments for optimizing & re-optimizing campaigns (if required).

Here also, a well-reputed one will never hesitate to show start-to-finish of what it does. It will also come up with detailed reports of clients to illustrate how it achieves progress and success. 

This is how clients like you can understand the effectiveness of its strategies and informed decisions.


Plan of Action While Customizing Strategies

A proficient digital marketing company never hesitates customizing its plan of action. This it does by deeply analyzing a business's unique requirements. It starts with conducting an in-depth consultation with the client and understand its goals, target audience, and industry challenges. This understanding helps in defining specific objectives and benchmarks.

Moving ahead, it conducts a comprehensive audit of the website of the client. This shows where it stands online, how it performs, and what its SEO ranking, social media engagement, and existing campaigns are. This end-to-end audit highlights strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

Once it is done with gathering insights, the marketing specialist designs a customized strategy. It is tailored to align with the client's objectives (that can be gaining visibility, leads, sales, engagement, etc.). Once made, it incorporates this strategy with digital channels such as SEO, social media, content marketing, PPC, and email campaigns. This plan will certainly consist of specific tactics, timelines, budget allocations, and key performance indicators (KPIs) for performance monitoring.

Besides, regular communication and collaboration between the client and the digital marketing team is necessary. It ensures adjustments to be made based on real-time performance data. This is how the strategy is made effective and adaptable to evolving business needs. Finally, it leads to achieving targeted growth and success.



The aforementioned points can make it a cakewalk to discover the best digital marketing company or the SEO agency that helps you to increase traffic, attain visibility and branding, and hence, increase leads and conversions over time. Just follow these points and find the best marketing partner to reach the top on SERPs.

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