Protect Your Modern Enterprise with Microsoft Security Services

We know that Microsoft ranks on the top of technology, which brings a fantastic reason to offer high-quality cyber security solutions for customers. With this, Microsoft offers excellent cyber security protection solutions which understand the cyber challenges that most organizations face. Get ready to invest in Microsoft security solutions and create the most robust software based on your security needs. Let's understand how one can protect their modern enterprise using security services.

Protect Your Modern Enterprise with Microsoft Security Services

Automate and secure your infrastructure by managing your data center endpoint simply by adding automated operations into your system. All we can do is manage the server lifecycle, remediate vulnerability faster, ensure continuous compliance, add an IT automation library, and simplify multi-cloud server management. Choose a Microsoft security service provider who can help to build a scalable, flexible, and adaptive cyber defence. Additionally, there's one feature for Microsoft Windows security that protects data is Microsoft Defender antivirus. This has an excellent quality to monitor continuously to detect viruses, malware, and security threats.

With this, users can download the updates automatically while keeping their devices safe and secure. As a defender for antivirus scans your device continuously, the behaviour is monitored at each stage, and this prevents security threats.

What are Microsoft Security Services?

If you want to protect your modern enterprise, using Microsoft security services is the best option. Choosing a Microsoft solution partner company helps embrace current security capabilities and offer a transformation journey. The security solutions provider offers transformative expertise, seamless scalability, and constant improvement.

A few of the capabilities include,
• Security Advisory Services
• Security Operations
• Security Discovery and Planning
• Security for Modern Work
• Security Modernization
• Security for Cloud Infrastructure

Few of the Microsoft security product family offers.

Microsoft Defender

It is a fantastic XDR product that helps to stop attacks against identities, apps, devices, emails, and other cloud solutions. Moreover, a defender for business works as an endpoint security solution designed for small to medium-sized companies. Get better protection from malware, ransomware, and other threats.

Microsoft Sentinel

Stay ahead of all the threats using AI-enriched security solutions and SIEM (security information and event management) solutions across your entire business and get unmatched visibility. This solution aggregates data from users, services, devices, applications, clouds, and servers.

Microsoft Purview

Get ready to safeguard your data from the collection of integrated information to help users protect governance and add compliance products. Now get a unified data governance solution by creating a holistic data landscape.

Microsoft Entra

Get a verified identity and easy access request across devices, cloud, and platforms. For the Azure Active Directory, the new name is Microsoft Entra ID. User can explore their identity and get access to various management products and pricing.

Microsoft Priva

Protect the privacy of your customers and their data using compliance management products on a single platform. The main job of Microsoft Priva products is to support organizations provide critical insights to admins and help them understand the risk.

Microsoft Intune

It is a cloud-based endpoint management solution to help manage users' access and simplify their applications across devices, including desktop computers, mobile devices, and other virtual endpoint management. Use the product to strengthen device security and enable a seamless hybrid work environment.

What advantage do Microsoft Security services bring?

Get ready to protect your business using comprehensive Microsoft security protection, as securing an organization has always been challenging. But with time, we have seen significant changes in threat protection for organizations of all sizes. Also, hybrid work is here to stay, and security can be a big concern. Therefore, to work effectively and effortlessly, Microsoft security brings a comprehensive approach to enable enterprises of all sizes to grow, scale, create, and innovate effectively. A few of the benefits you get from Microsoft security are:

Easy Protection for Everyone

Cyber attackers do not discriminate between small or large businesses, but the researchers found that 60% of small businesses are attacked compared to large organizations. With Microsoft Defender for Business, customers get the power of enterprise-grade endpoint security for small to medium businesses. One can get rich security levels by adding Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps, Microsoft Defender for IoT, and Azure Active Directory for identity protection.

Get Secured and Trusted Collaboration

In these digital times, trust between parties must be established in real-time. With this, Microsoft builds an identity network that helps organizations to make real-time decisions based on privacy credentials exchange. Among them, Microsoft Teams Connect enables collaborate and offers robust and seamless protection against threats. With Microsoft Cloud, get data protection and documents shared in Microsoft 365.

Protection from Everywhere

Connect with a Microsoft solution partner company that offers a comprehensive security approach to help protect your data across the cloud, devices, and various platforms. Use the secure AWS and Azure environment to get seamless experiences without dependencies. Also, integrate with Azure Preview to enable security teams to classify, track, and discover sensitive data across cloud workloads.

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