Facebook Marketplace for Small Business: How to Increase Sales and Beat the Competition

Facebook is a fantastic tool for socializing. You may be staying in one part of the world, and you can feel the person staying just around the corner. Facebook is one of the most successful social media platforms, regardless of the latest controversies.

Facebook Marketplace for Small Business

To keep up with the latest trends, Facebook has evolved to cater to a larger audience. The idea of combining its existing audience with a place to carry out commercial activities has been quite successful. Launched in 2016, Facebook introduced the "Marketplace," where commerce and e-commerce can be facilitated. Facebook allows person-to-person or P-to-P informal engagement.

From a business point of view, both buyers and sellers completed the transaction based on mutual trust. Facebook allows such mutual trust to exist. You have a range of items that can be traded, from a video game to a house online. You can also sell handmade products like custom furniture or even cakes. The kinds of people you can attract online are countless.

Setting up a marketplace online is quite easy; thus, it is very convenient for those who have set up their online shops. Due to this, small-time business owners do not need to set up an official website to run their business.

In this article, we will share with you some basic ideas so that you can maximize your reach and profit potential.


Top tips to attract your customers

Every business requires a business strategy, regardless of whether it is big or small. However, for a small business, it is more challenging than for those that have gone big since they need to build up their brand. The success of any brand depends upon two factors: first, the number of markets it can reach, and second, how quickly it can break even.

Several brands that are popular among youth spend a lot of time marketing their products and have reached the point where they are now. In those days, reach was a deciding factor in the survival of that brand.

Nonetheless, in this digitized era, you can rest assured that you can reach the maximum audience without much hassle. All you need is a way to harness the power of social media platforms like Facebook to generate some serious profits.

You do not need to be tech-savvy to understand what your business needs to ensure that your presence on the web can reach a lot of people. We have laid out some ideas that you can work on using "Facebook Marketplace" to increase your reach.


Using SEO tools

SEO tools are very powerful and are ideal for making your business's presence felt online. These tools will use the keywords that are most commonly used by users who wish to buy online. Since e-commerce is blooming, it is no wonder that many prefer to buy their products of interest online.

SEO tools use algorithms that fetch precise keywords that most buyers are using. Big brands also use such tools to further increase their reach. With the help of such tools, you can also incorporate them while describing the product that you want to sell.


Facebook ad

You can enhance your reach by using Facebook ad services. Since this is an in-house advertising service, Facebook will promote your business on Facebook depending on the type of service package you buy.

Facebook has bought Instagram, so using Facebook ad services also ensures that you can broaden your audience on it too.

Since these ad services are customizable, it solely depends on you how far you wish to tailor your services.


Popular businesses on Facebook

It is for those who wish to set up a business on Facebook Marketplace. Research those products that are popular on Facebook. Try to understand the profit margin you can make. Each business has its ups and downs; thus, scrutinize the business model thoroughly before making up your mind.


Healthy competition

Every business has its competitors; however, if you wish to sell your products at a discounted price, then reduce the price of the product that you are comfortable with and add 25% to 30% to it.

You should understand that the price of the product depends on its quality. If it is brand new, then the price is sure to be a bit steep. If the product is old, then it would be cheap. However, if the product is old, rare, minted, and in demand, then the price is going to be very expensive.


Being a part of Facebook groups

Facebook brings many people together by allowing people to create groups. Several groups are available on Facebook, from pottery to custom hotrods. You can maximize your services by joining one such group. Being a part of a Facebook group or community that shares the same vision as you can do wonders for your business.

3D printing is the latest fever that has gripped the entire world. Not only do you have hobbyists but also professionals who create 3D files for such printers. Since a 3D printer is a machine, it requires supplies both in terms of spare parts and accessories. Thus, if you happen to join one such group or community, you can reach out to your target audience if you are in the business of 3D printing.

Good-quality picture

People will show interest in goods that appeal to them. Their wallets are open if they like the product that you have to offer them. Since the product is not physically present and can only be viewed, you need to take highly detailed photos of it from various angles. Take clear photos of the product against a well-lit background.


Tagging the product

Another way to increase the reach of your product is by tagging it. A short, honest description of the product, along with tagging it in the photo, will surely increase your reach. A short, concise description of the product will ensure that Facebook bots recommend it to buyers when they search for similar products online.


Offering delivery services

Although Facebook Marketplace has become popular in recent years, it has some limitations when it comes to the actual delivery of goods. Both the buyers and the sellers are required to come face-to-face and complete transactions. The entire process can be cumbersome if the product or goods are huge, such as a piano or a furniture set.

E-commerce giants like Amazon and eBay offer their customers door-to-door delivery. Such services allow the customer to order, pay, and get the goods at their doorstep without getting out of their house. If you can offer door-to-door service in and around your area while delivering your goods to the customer, then such tactics are bound to increase the reach of your business.



It is quite simple to set up an online store and run a business on Facebook Marketplace. You can also maximize your reach and profits if you follow the steps that we have recommended to you.

If you are starting fresh, then it is advisable to research the product. You can also hire some professionals to help you set up your business.

However, it is advisable to sit down and weigh all your options before you go ahead with your business. You must remember that there are several potential customers online who would be interested in your products if you market and place them using all the tools that are available for any business to be successful.

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