Some Great Applications and Tools That Are All About Photos

Like it or not but a great number of people buy smartphones for taking great pictures. This is the reason almost all smartphones in 2015 focused a lot on their cameras and camera applications. It would not be wrong to say that 2015 was the best year for smartphone cameras. But taking pictures with great cameras is not enough. There has to be something more that allows you to have fun with your pictures and that’s when those amazing photography applications come into play. Here are some applications and tools that are all about photos and having fun with them.

Mulpix: is an amazing tool that can keep you having fun with photos for hours and hours without getting tired. This tool gives you access to whatever is happening on Instagram. Based on your location, the tool provides you access to all the amazing photos being uploaded on Instagram by its users. The best thing is that you can look at the local content and all the content has been put under categories for you to easily browse through it. So, now you have one place to see all the amazing pictures and videos being brought to Instagram.

Google Photos: Google Photos is an amazing application for people who like to make collections of the pictures they have. This amazing application is perfect to collect your favorite photos and create shared albums of your personal and family photos. With the latest features, you can create shared albums where you and the people you share the album with can add to the album and get notified in real-time. The assistant included on the application creates collages from your photos and suggests them to you so you can choose to keep them or discard them if you don’t like them.

Photo Resizer: There are times when the pictures you take from your phone are so big in size that it becomes difficult for you to share them with friends. They consume all your bandwidth and take too much time in getting transferred. Things can get even more annoying when the person downloading those pictures does not have a good internet connection. This particular application lets you choose from many different sizes for your photos. You can select multiple photos and change their sizes within seconds. The application is very small and very easy to use.

Qwik: Qwik is a photo editing tool and it does what its name says. This is one of the fastest applications out there when it comes to editing photographs. You can add effects on the photos within seconds and choose filters that are literally in hundreds – over 500 hundred filters. There are many frames available on the application too. The good thing is that there is an online community of Qwik where you can share the photos before you even upload them to other social networking platforms. The highlight of this application is the speed with which you can edit your images.

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