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 About Gmail

Gmail is electronic mail that is linked to Google. It is currently catering to over millions of online users and offers free email accounts to all. The email account it offers has a memory of over 1 Gigabyte to for storage to offer to its users. is an online platform that is easily accessible by all and is free of cost worldwide.

It is pronounced as gee mail and is one of the most widespread email services worldwide. It was initially introduced for testing by Google but gained instant popularity amongst the people. It is the one stop platform people who can actually manage and keep their entire data safe with the large storage capacity it has to offer. Moreover, Gmail is automated and keeps all data well-sorted and synchronized in order of date, time and priority.

Popularity of

According to an estimate, around thousands of new users sign up for free to create a Gmail account. There is no denying its constantly increasing popularity worldwide. It has active users in all parts of the world, including countries of Asia like China, Japan, India, Pakistan as well as in all major parts of Europe, the middle east and of course, America. It is regularly used by people for communication, business, marketing, promotions and of course to register to social media sites.

Another great thing about Gmail which adds to its every growing popularity is its compatibility. Gmail is compatible not only with the Personal computers or desktops but is now actively sued on tablets and mobiles phones as well with alternative apps available to facilitate the users. It is easily accessible and very user friendly You only need internet to view and use it anywhere at any time.

Features of

There are several features of Gmail that make it the most usable, popular and distinctive among all other email and messengers. It’s most distinctive features include

- Device Cloud Storage

It offers the maximum cloud storage with up to 1 Gigabyte of available free space for people to manage their messages, emails and other important data. In addition it has an additional facility for adding up to the available cloud storage limit.

- Inbox Tabs

This is one of its features which make it most users friendly and easy to use. It helps to keep all data synchronized and arranged which is easy to manage. The email inbox for offer separate tabs for social emails, primary emails and secondary emails. You can also sort all data according to the priority order.

- Customization

It offers all it users the chance to customize their email accounts and inboxes as they wish it to be, This can be anything that suits their personality or they find most attractive to be. This feature makes it a favorite of people from all age groups and genres. Gmail is suitable for all.


It is evident by its popularity all around the world that Gmail is one of the biggest and the best email services that are being offered worldwide. It is free for life long and that is one of the first and foremost things that make it so popular. Moreover it has become a regular for millions of users as they solely depend on their for not only effective communication but for their social media accounts as well such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc. More so, Gmail offers countless crazy and innovative features and add-ons to keep its users entertained. This and much more, all free of cost.

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