Batman: Arkham PSVR hands-on: One of the best cases for PlayStation VR yet

 Batman: Arkham VR will be releasing in October exclusively for PSVR and it is by far one of the best cases for picking up a headset yet. The demo I went hands-on, or eyes-on if you like, with effectively showcased how the concept of VR can work with major AAA franchises like Batman.

In the demo, gamers start off by learning how to use the controls, which is done with the PlayStation Move controllers. For the intents and purposes of the demo, the controls were rather basic, which helped get the concept across easily.

The demo had me place Batman's helmet over my head and then I could see myself as him in a mirror. It was an incredible moment as I assembled my suit piece by piece. I used the Move controllers to attach the scanner and grapple gun both to my hip and then I was off.

After I had all of my equipment attached, the platform I was standing on became an elevator and I gradually was lowered into the Batcave. The initial feeling of the platform moving down was thrilling, and that emotion was accentuated all the more with every foot that the platform lowered me.

Being able to look around at the details of the cave and world around me was an unbelievably exciting feeling, and is something that fit perfectly with PSVR. Next up was to do something that gamers have done quite a lot of over the past few Batman games.

For those who are familiar with the Batman Arkham series, then you'll surely know about the investigations that Batman comes across throughout each game. This was the activity that the demo I was playing had me do next, solve the brutal murder of Nightwing.

At first, I started off on a rooftop and then with each click of the Move controller, dropped down to the various points where I could witness the recreation of the crime. If I remember correctly, there were four different points around the crime scene that I could watch it from.

Once I had seen the footage one time through at full speed, I was able to rewind the sequence and view it all blow-by-blow. I was tasked with having to find the three points in which serious damage was inflicted upon Nightwing, and once I had done so, I used my scanner to note the instance.

Being able to slowly rewind and fast forward time during this sequence was unbelievable because I could jump from point to point to grasp a unique view of each frame. Slowly forwarding time showed how brutal each of the strikes these two delivered were. It was amazing.

After tinkering with the various locations I could watch the fight from, I finally scanned all three major points of the fight and completed that part of the mission. Next, I found out there was a witness who saw the whole thing from behind a corner, and apparently they had left a handprinted on the concrete wall they hid behind.

Using the same approach as I did with the fight, I rewound and fast forwarded time slowly so I could see what was happening. Eventually, I discovered the moment when the witness placed his hand on the concrete, I scanned for the results and then the investigation was complete.

The final task I was given was to place the scanner back on my belt and take out the grappling gun and shoot myself up to where the demo completed. This very small slice of Batman: Arkham VR is an incredibly brilliant example of proof of concept and how a major franchise like Batman can work exceptionally well with VR.

It'll be interesting to see how this game is taken from a demo or small game slice to a full game. I'm intrigued to find out if we'll be able to fly around Gotham in the full game because if so, that could be yet another mind-blowing experience.

The proof of concept is 100 percent there, now Rocksteady needs to show how this can be made into a full VR experience. Count me in for seeing how Batman: Arkham VR turns out because if it reaches its full potential, it could be one of many experiences worth picking up a PSVR headset for come Oct. 13.

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