Sony: No plans to bundle PSVR with PS4 hardware

 PlayStation VR finally has an official release window – October 2016, and with a launch price of $399, some folks are wondering when Sony will announce a bundle that will offer both a PSVR and a PS4 for an attractive price. Well, if you waiting on such an announcement to be made, you may be in for a lengthy wait. According to a report by Gaming Bolt from March 17, Sony doesn’t have any plans to bundle the two together anytime soon, and the company admits that such a bundle would be expensive.

While speaking with Game Reactor, SCE Europe president and CEO Jim Ryan spoke on the topic of a potential PS4 and PSVR bundle but dismissed the idea of such a thing being offered at launch. He further explained that the company will take a wait-and-see approach with PSVR and gauge how the market receives the device over a timespan of months. After some time has passed and the market reception has been assessed, a bundle may be one such idea that Sony may look at when the time is right.

“No, we won’t do it at launch. I think we will wait and see just how well this thing is received in the market over the period of months and it may be one thing we could look at.”

Ryan also shared that releasing such a bundle would be expensive. As you may recall, Sony wants to make PSVR a more affordable VR option to consumers. To entice gamers, Sony is planning to support PSVR with a strong lineup of software, with titles like Until Dawn: Rush of Blood and a Star Wars experience coming from EA and DICE.

IS PSVR something you are considering to purchase later this year?

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